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Climb safely and confidently every single time.

Products and expertise that help you get the job done in telecom.

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Leading the Way in Telecom Utilities

MSA keeps you safe and secure in installation, operation, or maintenance.

Stay protected whether you're installing poles or cables.

Flexible enough to accommodate safety at any height, strong enough to provide unparalleled fall protection.

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Stay connected to the world around you while you work.

Hear better on the job and in the long run with headsets and earmuffs to keep you connected.

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left/RIGHT™ Wireless World Helmet Mounted Headset

left/RIGHT Wireless World bring wireless communication into MSA's signature hearing protection products.

With advanced Bluetooth connectivity, taking a call or listening to streaming music has never been safer.

The high comfort and hearing protection level makes the left/RIGHT Wireless World the safest connection to the world...!

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When millions rely on telecommunication infrastructure, you can rely on MSA to keep you up and running.

From routine inspections to overhauls and maintenance, MSA fall protection equipment makes sure you're safe.

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MSA V-FIT Full Body Harness

With distinctive design and extended padding, V-FIT range of full body harnesses provides high-level comfort for users in all applications.

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Helpful Information and Resources

How to Attach a Latchways TowerLatch or LadderLatch Device (Cable-Based Fall Protection Solutions)

The Latchways Transfastener allows for continous free-hand climbing and at-will attachment and detachment.

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