SMC 5100-02-IT Combustible Monitor

The SMC 5100-02-IT gas sensor monitors combustible gases such as Methane, Hydrogen, Propane, and others. It is based on catalytic bead technology, a consistent and reliable method of detection that offers excellent response times to the target gases. The 5100-02-IT sensor offers multiple communication outputs including 4-20 mA and Modbus RTU.

  • Integral LED display - easily calibrate and access gas concentrations, relay statuses, and diagnostics
  • Menu-driven system - rapidly adjust user-friendly configuration of alarm setpoints, calibration, maintenance, and alarm acknowledgment
  • 6-month Calibration Interval - dramatically reduces maintenance for the user
  • SMC Sentry Digital Bus Interface - connect easily with existing Sentry systems that have been in operation for many years
  • GlolbalCal™ Support - non-intrusively calibrate all connected sensors at the same time without declassifying the area
  • Internal Continuous Self-Diagnostics - automatically indicate any fault or optics problems
  • Optional Remote Sensor Configuration - access the controller over a remote network for convenience or for hard-to-access areas
  • Optically isolated 4-20 mA output - interface effortlessly with common factory communication links and provide flexibility for the output
  • HART Interface - effortlessly communicate over legacy 4-20 mA analog instrumentation wiring
  • Mobus RTU Interface - provides an easy interface to the world’s most common industrial protocol interface